Hack ‘n Roll



NUS SOC (School of Computing) student group created an evening for students to create their own projects in an environment with other programmers for an all night competition.  The event was held on Saturday January 25th starting at 2:00 pm running all weekend through Sunday at 5:00 pm.  I hope they don’t have a Monday morning class!

It’s a Saturday night and the SOC lounge area is filled with budding hackers.

IMG_3545    IMG_3541

Students were also in the computer lab.


In the auditorium they ran video games on the large screen. The kids hung out there and played Super Mario with a couple of NUS students. They could have stayed there all night if we let them.

IMG_3559  IMG_3553

The organizers made it very comfortable for all the participants. They provided snacks and drinks and even blankets and pillows on a comfy sofa. Kira, Simaya & Ethan eyed the candy the whole time.


We all had an opportunity to talk to the students and what student life is like in Singapore. It was great to hear their perspectives and what their goals are post graduation.


Arnold with some of the senior students on the SOC organizing committee.

Now that’s what I call an event! Kudos to the organizers!  Arnold also took the kids to a Games Night that SOC students organized a few weeks ago.  They enjoyed that a lot too!

Between hanging out with Midtown teacher candidates at OISE/UT, Comp Sci students at UTM and SOC at NUS, our kids are eager to go to university. Though I think their perspective on university may be slanted by all the social events they’ve attended from our work, at least they are excited about it!